Meeting Organizers

Lars Steinmetz, Chair

Orna Cohen-Fix

Michael Knop

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Special Events

Publishing Q&A

Friday, August 24, 12:15 pm - 1:15pm

Lost in publication? Not ready to publish yet, but curious about the peer-review process? Students and postdocs are invited to join journal editors, including editors and editorial staff from the GSA journals GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, over breakfast to discuss the ins-and-outs of getting your articles published. All questions welcome!

Advance registration preferred.


GENETICS Peer Review Training Workshop

Wednesday, August 22, 12:00 pm – 3:45 pm, Fisher Conference Center (located in the Arillaga Alumni Center)

This workshop will provide an introduction to peer reviewing for early career researchers, including graduate students. The workshop will cover best practices and a mock review. Becoming a better reviewer will help you to become a better author and to hone some of the skills central to scientific success, including critical thinking, evaluating research, providing helpful feedback, and understanding the mindset and expectations of peer reviewers and editors.

Workshop Agenda:

  • The Journey of a Manuscript at GENETICS
  • Models of Peer Review
  • Dissecting a manuscript
  • Drafting Reviews
  • Evaluating Reviews
  • Principles and Purpose of Peer Review
    • Mark Johnston, Editor in Chief, GENETICS
  • Panel Discussion with GENETICS Editors
    • Mark Johnston, Editor in Chief
    • Karen Arndt, Associate Editor
    • Orna Cohen-Fix, Associate Editor
    • Mark Rose, Senior Editor
  • Discussion Topics
    • Best practices
    • Determining scope
    • Assessing interest to readers

Advance registration required.

Fee: $75. Limited attendance.

If you did not already register for the workshop during the conference registration process, sign up here.


Student and postdoc member benefit: Invite poster viewers

Amplify your work and seek expert feedback by inviting specific scientists to attend your poster presentation.

  • Undergraduate student, graduate student, and postdoctoral GSA members may invite up to three scientists to attend their poster.
  • You may invite faculty, industry researchers, or fellow early career researchers, but we suggest inviting individuals who typically attend this meeting or who are located in the same city as the meeting.
  • Please note that GSA cannot guarantee meeting attendance of any particular person.
  • GSA will reach out to these scientists and invite them to attend the meeting and your poster.
  • Your abstract and contact details will be included in the invitation.

Student and postdoc members: Apply here by August 6, 2018.