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Important Dates

21-Mar-2018: Registration Open
19-Jun-2018: Author Assignments

Meeting Organizers

Richard Harland
University of California, Berkeley

Rebecca Heald
University of California, Berkeley

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Invited Speakers

Carole LaBonne

Carole LaBonne

Carole LaBonne is a leader in neural crest cell research who has made groundbreaking discoveries using Xenopus as a model system, including uncovering parallels to embryonic stems cells that have provided novel insights into the evolution of vertebrates. Dr. LaBonne is the Erastus O. Haven Professor of Life Sciences, and Chair of the Department of Molecular Biosciences at Northwestern University.

John Wallingford

John Wallingford

John Wallingford is renowned for taking system-based approaches using Xenopus that link gene expression and protein function to discrete cell biological processes in developing embryos, to explore the basis of human developmental disorders. Dr. Wallingford is the William and Gwyn Shive Endowed Professor of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Texas, Austin.

Session Chairs

Carmen Domingo
Matt Good
Darcy Kelly
Taejoon Kwon
Brian Mitchell
Sally Moody
Nanette Nascone-Yoder
Bruno Reversade

Invited Speakers

Mike Blower
Annette Borchers
Holly Cline
Lance Davidson
Francois Fagotto
Christine Field
Hiro Funabiki
Matt Guille: EXRC
John Gurdon
Yuki Hara
Marko Horb: NXR
Alex Kelly
Mustafa Khokha
Chris Kintner
Marc Kirschner
Dan Levy
Karen Liu
Laura Ann Lowery
Ann Miller
Anne Helene Mosoro Burq
Hajime Ogino
Tae Joo Park
Anna Philpott
Susannah Rankin
Simone Reber
Dan Rokhsar
Jakub Sedzinski
Yuta Shimamoto
Asako Shindo
Hazel Sive
Francesca Spagnoli
Aaron Straight
Atsushi Suzuki
Gert Veenstra
Claire Walczak
Peter Walentek
Andrea Wills
Helen Willsey
Martin Wühr
Hideki Yokoyama
Aaron Zorn: Xenbase