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Professional Development

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Recruitment Event

TAGC’s recruitment program will bring together jobseekers and organizations from all sectors of the workforce to discuss employment opportunities. Companies and organizations can identify qualified talent entering the market and job candidates can learn about new career options and job leads.

Scientific Writing Workshop

Write better papers and increase the impact of your science! In this workshop for students and postdocs, you will work with your own data and abstract to learn strategies for communicating research more effectively.

Job Application Document Review

Make an appointment to receive personalized feedback on your job application materials, such as CVs, resumés, personal statements, research statements, diversity statements, teaching statements, and cover letters.

Community, Connections, and Lunch

Meet new colleagues and learn from stimulating discussions on topics you care about! Join us for lunch at moderated discussion tables on scientific, professional development, and community topics. All career stages are welcome!

Industry Sessions

TAGC’s Industry Sessions will bring together scientists from industry and academia to encourage collaboration and stimulate technology development. These events will highlight excellent science, uncover opportunities for industry-academia collaborations, and allow early career scientists to explore careers in industry.

Session Topics will include (more topics to be announced):

  • The Biotech Pipeline
    • This session will explore how discoveries move from the research setting through the industry pipeline to the marketplace. Industry professionals will discuss how their companies have integrated data science, engineering, optimization, and automation to move from discovery to product or clinical application.
  • Genetic Technology in Agriculture
    • This session is a unique forum for industry professionals, business executives, academic researchers, and government officials to learn about the latest advances in the use of genetic technology in agriculture. Topics include agricultural technologies, synthetic biology, crop production, industrial chemicals, food production and ingredients, and more.
  • Industry Careers
    • During a breakout session, attendees can learn more about industry careers and how to prepare for them.
    • Session Talks:
      • Understanding the industry pipeline
        • Biotech
        • Agriculture
      • Data science in industry
      • Bioprocessing
      • Organizational decision making
      • Careers in industry
        • Entrepreneurship and venture capitalism
        • Pharmaceutical industry
        • Agricultural industry
        • Start-ups

Poster Viewing Invitations

Amplify your work and seek expert feedback by inviting specific scientists to attend your poster presentation! Undergraduate student, graduate student, and postdoctoral GSA members may invite up to three scientists to attend their poster. GSA will reach out to these scientists and invite them to visit your presentation.

GENETICS Peer Review Training Workshop

This workshop will provide an introduction to peer reviewing for early career researchers, including graduate students. Becoming a better reviewer will help you to become a better author and to hone some of the skills central to scientific success, including critical thinking, evaluating research, providing helpful feedback, and understanding the mindset and expectations of peer reviewers and editors.

Publishing Q&A

Lost in publication? Not ready to publish yet, but curious about the peer-review process? Students and postdocs are invited to join journal editors, including editors and editorial staff from the GSA journals GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, to discuss the ins-and-outs of getting your articles published. All questions welcome!

New Faculty Forum

Your first faculty appointment can bring many new challenges, including lab management, budgeting, mentoring, teaching, and grant writing. Network, learn, and find support at the New Faculty Forum, a one-day workshop designed for new faculty (those within the first five years of their appointment) and advanced postdocs.

Science Communication Meetup

Are you passionate about scicomm? Looking for ideas on how to become a better science communicator? Interested in hearing how your peers approach the subject? Stop by the Meetup to talk with other TAGC attendees dedicated to effectively communicating science in a variety of ways. Don’t miss this chance to make meaningful connections with other communicators.

Poster Awards

Undergraduate and graduate student GSA members are eligible for GSA Poster Awards. Postdocs can volunteer serve as poster judges, helping to select outstanding presentations from the next generation of scientists.

Other events and programs with details to come:

  • Grant Writing Workshop
  • Advocacy on the Hill
  • Science Communication Panel Discussion