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Submit Abstract


Note that you cannot save a partially completed submission.

Note that in 2018 the GSA Board of Directors instituted an abstract submission fee for all GSA Conferences, including the International C. elegans Conference. The fee is $30 for GSA members / $60 for non-members and partially covers the ongoing costs associated with maintaining and improving our abstract submission and review technology. You will need to pay the abstract fee by credit card during the abstract submission process. For more information on payment, see the FAQs below. If you need a hardship waiver, please contact Anne Marie Mahoney:

Step 1:

Visit the submission site, which will be available February 14, 2019.

Step 2

Enter Presenting Author information.

Step 3

Select a primary session topic area (01-7) from the following list. Note that oral sessions will adhere as closely as possible to the topic areas below, but are subject to modification based on the distribution of research areas among submitted abstracts.


01. Cell Biology
  • Intracellular Trafficking and Organelles
  • Cytoskeleton and Migration
  • Cell Polarity
  • Cell Death
  • Cell Division
  • Germline, Meiosis
  • Imaging Methods
02. Development
  • Cell Fate and Patterning
  • Signaling Pathways in Development
  • Differentiation and Plasticity
  • Morphogenesis
  • Germline Development
  • Sex Determination
03 Ecology and Evolution
  • Phylogeny and Diversification
  • Evo-Devo, Evolution of Mating Systems
  • Speciation
  • Population Genetics
  • Evolution of Complex Traits, Quantitative Genetics
  • Ecology, Biotic Interactions, Chemical Signaling
  • Experimental Evolution and Ecology
04. Education
05. Gene Regulation and Genomics
  • Gene Regulation
  • Epigenetics
  • RNA Interference and noncoding RNAs
  • Genomics
  • Novel Genetic Technologies
  • Databases and Programs
06. Neurobiology
  • Neuronal Development
  • Synaptic Function and Circuits
  • Behavior
  • Regeneration and Degeneration
  • Novel Neuronal Methods
07. Physiology
  • Aging and Stress
  • Dauer Larvae
  • Metabolism
  • Pathogenesis
  • Novel Technologies


Step 4

Select whether you want to be entered in the Genetics Society of America Poster Award Competition. You are eligible if you are:

  1. A 2019 GSA Member and;
  2. The first and presenting author and;
  3. A graduate or undergraduate student 
Step 5

Enter all the author names and institutions. Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the author information.

Incorrect: JANE SMITH
Correct: Jane Smith

Step 6

Enter abstract title. Do not format the entire title with UPPERCASE or bold letters.

Correct: Evolution in Mendelian populations

Step 7

Enter text of abstract. The title, authors, and affiliations should NOT be included here. The character limit for the entire submission is 2,500. The title, authors, affiliations, main body of abstract and spaces are included in the character count.

Step 8

Review your abstract. It will be published exactly as submitted.

Step 9

Submit your abstract and pay the submission fee and save your submission confirmation.

Note that you cannot save a partially completed submission. If you exit the program before you click on "submit your abstract," and pay the submission fee, your information will be lost and you will need to start over. If you do not receive an immediate confirmation on screen and a confirmation e-mail, your abstract was not submitted.

Late Abstracts

Late, poster only, abstracts will be accepted until April 29, 2019.

Abstract Submission FAQs

No. Few users have difficulty in completing the online submission. If you do have a problem we suggest that you try another computer and/or browser. Some combinations of certain computers and browsers on occasion may cause problems.

For each abstract submitted you must pay the non-refundable, per abstract submission fee of $30 GSA Members/$60 Non-Members. The same person may submit multiple abstracts but a separate fee is payable for each submission. To receive the member fee, the submitting author must be a 2018 GSA member.

You will need to pay the abstract fee by credit card during the abstract submission process. Once you have entered your abstract information you will be taken to a secure payment form. Your abstract will not be submitted until the payment step is complete.

No, if you exit the program before you click on "submit your abstract," your information will be lost and you will need to start over. You may minimize your screen while you work in another program but do not exit the abstract form.

This will be determined by your own computer system. We do not recommend using the cut and paste option when it involves special characters (such as super- or subscripts, Greek characters etc.), you will need to confirm and repair any missing characters using the palette or special characters menu on the submission application. You will also need to make sure you put your authors, abstract title, and abstract body in the correct fields.

Authors often find a discrepancy in the keystroke count on their word processors and the character count in the abstract submission program because these counts are computed differently. To be certain that your abstract is successfully submitted, use the character count on the submission application as your guide.

During the submission process, you likely entered your title twice (one in the title field and again in the body of the text). You need to revise your abstract and remove the title from the abstract body. You will need your last name, abstract control number, and personal ID number to revise your abstract.

All revisions must be completed by November 17, 2017.

For security purposes, the presenting author's name cannot be changed. To change the presenting author's name, you must withdraw the abstract, then resubmit with the new name. This must be done by the submission deadline of November 17, 2017.

For questions contact Suzy Brown at

Yes. Go to the submission site and click on "Revise My Abstract." You will need your last name, abstract control number, and personal ID number. Revisions may be submitted now through November 17, 2017

After November 17, 2017 no revisions will be permitted.

For security purposes, the presenting author's name on a previously submitted abstract MAY NOT BE CHANGED. To change the presenting author's name you must withdraw the previously submitted abstract and submit a new abstract in the new author's name. For questions contact Suzy Brown at

To withdraw an abstract, return to the submission site and select "Withdraw My Abstract." You will need your abstract control number, personal ID number, and presenting author's last name. Select the appropriate button to withdraw an abstract. The presenting author and the Meeting Manager will be informed of the withdrawal.

If you are submitting your abstract on the last two days leading up to the deadline, you may experience some slowness because of the number of people using the system. While we have made every effort to ensure efficient receipt of all abstracts, extreme stress on the system may result in a slower submission process. Please submit EARLY to avoid frustrations. We cannot extend the deadline past November 16, 2017.

Program assignments will be posted on the meeting website on January 8, 2018. Information will not be available before this time. You will not receive an e-mail with your assignment. Please remember to check the website after this date.

Technical Questions: Hubert Zhang -

All Other Questions: Suzy Brown